Bridging The Gap Between Search & Conversion

Breaking The Habit Of Quitting

I enjoyed many hiking and backpacking trips throughout my teens and early adult years. I loved to challenge myself. In my late 20s and early 30s, I slayed many mountain peaks and continuously sought new adventures. Skydiving, bungee jumping, countless 5k mud runs, you name it, I was game. There was no quit in me….

Optimizing Title Tags For SEO & CTR

How Titles Affect Rank and Click-Thru Rate Title tags are most known for comprising the clickable link on a search engine results page (SERP). It stands to reason that the text displayed as a link on a SERP will have a massive effect on the clickthru rate. If you’re searching for “buy blue jeans” and…

2022 Google Helpful Content Update

Last week, Google announced in a blog posting that they are rolling out a significant update. They are naming the update the “Helpful Content Update” to demote… err… tackle content created to trick Google instead of being written for people. We continually update Search to make sure we’re helping you find high quality content. Next…

Pros and Cons Of Using Conversion Actions As a Ranking Factor

There is often a disparity between what one should do to achieve top placements on Google and what will increase the conversion rate of a page. I see this from title tag to content and internal linking. For marketers, it may make more sense if conversion rate or similar cues were a more significant weighted…

My Story: Background and Journey

Since I was a child, I remember analyzing people’s reactions to their surroundings and the reactions to others around them. This process of analysis was purposeful. People watching. How different people reacted to similar stimuli was fascinating. Soon, I would place bets in my head about what someone would do or how they would react….